Vietnamese | Chinese | Thai Cuisines

Saigon 75 offers a wide range of dishes such as Vietnamese spring rolls, soups such as Tom Yum Gai which is characterized by its distinct hot and sour flavors, with fragrant herbs generously used, and several different Thai style clay pot curries.

Vietnamese | Chinese | Thai Cuisines

Curry Clay Pots - Thai Style

We offer 5 different styles of curry. Green, Red, Yellow, Massaman, and Panang curries. Don't forget to order a side of coconut rice to accompany your clay pot curry. More information on the different curries can be found on the menu.

Curry Clay Pots - Thai Style

Special Combination Dinners

We offer several different combination dinners such as two different combinations for 1, combination for 2, 3, 4, and 6 people. A variety of dishes are available such as beef mixed vegetables, chicken fried rice, sweet & sour chicken balls, dry ribs, and ginger beef.

Special Combination Dinners

Rice Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

Drop by for a popular rice vermicelli noodle bowl. We have several choices of meat to accompany your noodle bowl: Grill Pork, Sate Beef Spicy, Coconut Prawn, Vietnamese Spring Roll or Lemon Grass Chicken.

Rice Vermicelli Noodle Bowl

Tasty, Healthy and Speedy

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Tasty, healthy, and speedy, Vietnamese food comes in a wide spectrum of dishes that guarantees to keep you wanting more!

Traditional Vietnamese Food

Clay Pot Shrimp

Traditional Vietnamese food is cooked in a variety of ways: deep fry, stir fry, boil, steam. Vietnamese cooks aim to preserve the freshness and natural taste of food as much as possible. Hence Vietnamese cuisine is often considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Delivery & Take out Menu

Noodle Bowl

Download our delivery & take out menu.


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